Rabu, 21 Maret 2012

Loving You as You

I have known since first that this love would not be so easy.

I have warned at first that be with you would not be same like others

n I have told myself from the beginning until now, I want to learn you

I always make expectations by myself which i did not even make it sure to you

sometimes it just hurt myself when I decided to not tell you what I really feel that time

I actually talk to myself~ 'does he love me as I always love him?'

Even I have ever asked you~ 'are you sure about this, because I doubt it'

I often turn on my life dramatically because of my silly thought

When I was thinking that I died already waiting for you all the time, thinking about u who I never wan't to burden with

I would just blame myself for not trully believing you and feeling hesitate to sue you, even u have ever said that you would do anything for me

This may hard to always understand me

You are such a talker and I am a writer

In my sight,

Dear, we are really the same for sure

we just do not want to had a rough time each other

we do not ever want to share pain each other

But we ought to be trust that deep inside, we need each other n will never be bothered with

It really makes me feel guilty when u said,

"Do u think that I don't want to meet you because I don't want to? You were wrong...."

All I can say for now is only, "Sorry for confuse of your feelings toward me"

Dear, I love you, not because I have decided to love you,

 I never care about who are you

I love you because it is 'you'.

I dont want you to become more than you, just to be urself

I wish this wave of our life will always strengthen our love rather than separate us...

Being grow up is such a big challenge
Being loved by someone we love is such a lucky

All I have to do now is about to love you more

For thousand more

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