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Malaysia Trully Asia (yang bener???)

Straight to the point!

Many people said that we will love our nation more than ever if we have stay abroad, and for me that is definitely true!

From the last journey (to China) and we also get some free time to take a day trip in Malaysia (our neighbour).

What we have seen in Malaysia~ let us check it out ...

FYI, Akang Zen and I have to be lucky for visiting Malaysia twice. (1st before China, 2nd after we back from China with Pika n Ana)

Our 1st Destination in Malaysia is not the famous Kuala Lumpur, but Putra Jaya, central of goverment in Malayy....
 Above: The Government Office (Prime Ministers) with Flags of 10 countryside of Malaysia, like Johor Baru, Pahang, etc (I can not remember them as well -___-'')

 Thanks to our guide ( our new friends actually) Mas. Almushfi and Mas. Marlin (postgraduate student of Mr.Mukhlisin, friend of our Lecture, Mr.Abdullah :))

The Great Putra Mosque, not only moslem people who come to pray 5times everyday, this place also full of tourists because of this beautiful scenery... (great facilities also)

 Here's another tourist :D

 The Gate of Putra Mosque

 Lunch time~ (demi apa dua mas2 lucu itu serempak using stripes :))

 malaysia is a discipline country of the cleanliness of it's environtment

 The architecture is awesome

There is no traffic here, the street is sooooo well-regulated

in Kuala Lumpur, we will find 2 airport. KLIA and LCCT. For China departures, Akang Zen and I go from LCCT, while Ana and Fika just going to transit in KLIA.

because of our flight using Air Asia, we should fly from LCCT (low cost airport, special for AirAsia)
well i think this airflight company has been successfull this far for it's cheap offers for so many destinations around the world~~~compared to Garuda Indonesia for example :p
but of course in some condition, cheap prices~less facilities :) FAIR enough.

 New airbus~from Semarang-KL
 LCCT at the dawn~waiting for departure to hangzhou-China
Teteeeeupp take a pict!

Next, our 2nd visitation to Malaysia, welcome to the real Kuala Lumpur~centre of bussiness in Malaysia.
what do want to find here? Shopping, lifestyle, vacations???

this time, four of us have a day trip around KL~ 1st experience ride the KOMOTER (a kind of train) from station near our Hotel, named Nilai-Station. 
 The Komoter will arrive in every few minutes. The ticket is ranged for 4-10 MYR (Malaysian Ringgit)
 The best part is about the WOMAN coach~ for woman's n children's safety :)
But,,,unfortunate us~the train is full passangers, we should go to the public coach (men n women)
 That was a crazy little thing, while Ana had lost her ticket, n we should pay for 30 MYR for more (aaaaa...><)
 Thanks to this man, who helped us so we just have to pay as same as the lost ticket before (4,6 MYR)
In KL Central Station~we change the ride to the SUBWAY (a kind of automatic train) to the next destinations....
You gotta love this place~ PASAR SENI ~every tourist could find Malaysian cheap stuffs and Merchandise here...
 Get a some snacks n beverages~ these two girls act like the 'one' at the postcard picture >< hahahahay
 had a lunch in foodcourt, well, I think the foods were nice both in taste n price
for a place in the middle of a traditional market~ The foodcourt was such stylish, clean, and comfort area

the next (must to go) place in Malaysia~absolutely... the TWIN Tower.....
This place is located in central of KL, surrounded by the office and the KLCC shopping center~

The smiley two bestfriend~ Ana n Fika
And the couple~ Akang and Me :')
Go to the next place~ the KL tower~ (the ticket was not cheap for us... it's for @55 MYR  -___-'')
Well, there's no differences with other tower i've ever see~like Monas in Jakarta, or MAJT tower in Semarang... 
 we could see the cityview of course~
but the facilities and the escorts were much better~i admit it...
 this tower is used for telecommunication
 after going to the top of the tower, under the tower we could find traditional park and small zoo
 it showed the (malaysian) culture, like music, houses, etc
(macam siti nurbaye la~Fika niii....)
A traditional stage~I imagine a sweet traditonal party or celebration ^^v
the zoo actually filled by many kinds of birds, snakes, monkey... etc (I dont have to show the up right?)
When the sun setted~ we back to pasar seni (Pettaling Street exactly) ~had dinner in CHinaTown, n say goodbye to Malaysia...
It's a little bit boring to see the Chinatown~we had just came back from China, remember??? :D


For some cases~

If I must compare this place I stand for all my life until now with the other country I have visited, I may feel ashamed. How pity we are.

I like Malaysia for its conciousness of its people, the clean city, prohibition against smoking, well-organized transportation system...

Despite all of the lackness I have always found everyday, I am still thankfull for all we have in my country... Indonesia.

We are rich for natural and human resources , we live with diversities, we are unique,

we just have to learn more~how to show the world the strength of this nation...


What about you??? :D

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BEL ESPRIT mengatakan...

Agree, we rich in culture compare than Malaysia. Tinggal kemauan untuk menjaga kebersihan dan fasilitas umum di situs2 wisata kita. Go Indonesia :D

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eyaaaa~ jadi...mau kemana lagi kita..,??? la la la...

keliling indonesia juga mau kookk eheh *ngarep