Kamis, 28 April 2011

All Children (should) have a 'Mother'

Have you ever imagine how to feel like you are all alone? Without family, without home.
First time I saw them that day, I imagine something ordinary. Children with no parents, lived together in a place they called orphanage. Just a few moments before, I knew that there were many different kinds of place for caring orphans. In my country, the orphanages are usually built by a foundation which is classified by it’s beliefes or religions which were just accommodate their life. But when I visit “Taruna Village S.O.S”, it changes all of my mindset. This place doesn’t seems like an orphanage at all.
What makes this place so different?
First, this place consist of the children with different kinds of religion, such as Moslem, Christian, Budhist, Hindust, they live together without any boundaries.
Second, there are no limitation of where they are from, what the status, as long as they need helps, every children who lost their family or less of financial can stay on this place.
Third, children who live here are not just getting place for stay, food for life, or education for future. In this place, every children can have their own ‘parents’. This is the most interesting side of Taruna Village S.O.S.
The system of management has been arranged situations in here, that there are some volunteers, expecially women, which were being a mother for the orphans. One ‘mother’ has 5 until 7 children with different ages, no matter they are babies or teenagers. It is seem like they are being a small new ‘family’. But not just as temporary ‘mother’, this children also come to the ‘mothers’ house and interact with her real family.
I was very excited when I visited those children. Although we only can spend a half of day to play and learn together, I can feel the difference of them with any other orphans that I have ever met. All of them are proud to tell me that they have a ‘mother’. Despite the condition and the fact that they are not a real family related by blood, I am sure that the children are much happier because of being a part of family and having someone called ‘mother’.

This experience just realize me, how lucky I am. I have a complete, happy, and luxurios family. I have parents, home, money, even well education.  In the deepest of my heart, I have a dream for the future, that every children deserve to be happy and have a ‘mother’.
I think it would be better if there is not only one ‘home’ for children like “Taruna Village S.O.S”.  Someday, I will love to find a better future with several places like this around the world.

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and the decision we must say thanks to God alwyas,,,proud of you
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