Selasa, 03 April 2012

LOVE is selfish?

there is something about love tat i have just realize these days...

it is not something absolute, but sometimes it will happen to everyone, even I have ever felt the same :D

well, for simplicity, let's see these two stories,

>>>1st. Famous Korean Drama (FULL HOUSE)

the story is telling about Han Ji Eun, an ordinary girl who lives as a freelance writer. Someday she had been fooled by her bestfriends so that she lost her precious house. Then the house (named Full House) was being purchased by a famous actor, Lee Yong Jae.

The condition makes them to live together in that house and they even make a FAKE marriage for Yong Jae's sake of his entertainment life.

In Yong Jae's life, he has an old friends whom he loves for long time, Kang Hye Won. Unfortunately, Hye Won never loves him, but she fell in with their senior, Yoo Min Hyuk.

Because of many things happen, Min Hyuk fell in love with Ji Eun, and he rejects Hye Won.

In the other case, Hye Won has rejected Yong Jae.

Time is going and Ji Eun realize her feelings towards Yong Jae,

but this guy was still trapped on his feelings with Hye Won.

Even that Yong Jae going to loves Ji Eun, he does not want to leave Hye Won.

Same with Hye Won who still Love Min Hyuk but she does not want to lose Yong Jae. (How selfish)

>>> 2nd Case. Twilight SAGA

I do believe that we all have already known about this story. Great novel (but the films are under my expectations). -_____-''

I only want to talk about the same situation of love triangle which happened here.

When Bella loves Edward so much and so does Edward, but she know that Jacob was already had a crush on her since first.

For some condition, Bella just want to become a part of Edward's life (or death, he's a vampire remember?). But she also need Jacob to be by her side... (how selfiiiiisssh ><)


Actually, what I am going to say is..... I have ever feel like those cases (but only at the past)

the feelings that I dont want to lose someone but I also already have someone else to love.

So that, thought I am also like a selfish ...

However, someday, we have to choose the right one, the soulmate, the one to live a life together

I wish... he's the ONE... :)

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